What’s in My Bag: LAFW


For anyone who wants to carry light, look stylish, but be prepared, this post is for you. Here is a peek inside my bag I carry for Los Angeles Fashion Week. It’s much lighter than New York Fashion Week because for one I’m not living out of a suitcase and carrying my life with me, and two, I can leave some items in my car since in LA you have to drive everywhere. (No subways here!) But as I am running from work to a fashion show each night this week, I need to make sure I am prepared for everything and anything.

  • Iphone- I should not have to explain this one. Remember to have it fully charged!
  • charger- if you will be out for a while
  • chapstick & lipstick- just because
  • compact w/ a mirror and brush- for those little touch-ups
  • business cards- you never know who you are going to meet!
  • ID/cash/credit card
  • Dr. Scholl’s Fast flats for when your feet just can’t take it anymore
  • pen and notebook for taking notes
  • nail file- a chipped nail never looks good
  • gum/breath mints- no one likes stinky breath.
  •  my handy dandy survival kit
  • a stylish handbag large enough to carry everything
  • and don’t forget your camera!

Bag- Melie Bianco c/o

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