What You Need to Know About Writing a Blog (That They Didn’t Teach You in School)

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What You Need to Know About Writing a Blog (That They Didn’t Teach You in School)

So you want to write a blog? I will be the first one to tell you that you did not need to be a good writer to start one. I have never considered myself to be a good writer. Sure I pay attention to my grammer and punctuation but take a look through this blog and I have made more than my fair share of mistakes! What they teach you in school is how to write well enough to pass a test.  How to not fail due to poor writing skills. They teach you where to put the period when using parentheses. Good to know, however,  writing a succesful blog goes beyond the basics. Here are a few more things that are not likely in your textbook:

Many Kinds of Writing

Not much that I learned in school prepared me to start and grow the blog you are reading right now. Blogs did not even exist when I was in school! And SEO? Forget it. If you are currently in scrhool or recently graduated, you likely had it easier since words like ‘blog’ and ‘SEO’ are common terms now. Hint to grow your blog: knowing about SEO will take you a lot further than knowing the proper conjugation of every verb. 

Another type of writing is producing technical documentation. Don’t use ten words when three will do.  Get to the point. If poetry is all you know, you might have trouble writing sraightfoward text that informs people about a product or service. If you only speak in metaphors and colloquialisms, your documentation might be inspiring, but untranslatable to other languages and dialects. Grammar and syntax should be clean and simple. 

All Writing Is Creative Writing

Creative writing is a category that includes things like fiction and poetry. However, the category name is a little misleading. When you are faced with a blank sheet of paper or a blank screen, it requires creativity to fill it with text, regardless of the category of text you are writing. 

Even if you are writing an instruction manual for how to put together a closet system, you still need to put together a narrative that makes the manual easy to follow. I always try to think about what questions my readers will have and how I can incorporate that information into the post.  The same is true for travel guides. What details should be covered? How should this post be outlined? Have fun and get creative with how you share your knowledge through words.

Have a Point of View Worth Reading

Each post I create is in my own words and I write the same way I would speak to you all. I keep complex vocabulary words to a minimum because they are not something I use in my everyday speech. I speak softly and directly to get my point across. Attempts are made here and there to insert jokes into my posts, but whether or not those get through I’m not sure. They sure make me chuckle when I re-read the posts, though!

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