Farmer’s Market & Santa Monica

Farmers Market
Sunday was also an eventful day. The farmer’s market on Main Street in Santa Monica has the BEST omelets and pancakes for breakfast. I apologize for not taking a picture of the food before we devoured it to taunt you all. They also have an interesting selection of handmade items including: jewelry, soaps, jams, pesto sauce and all kinds of fruits and veggies for your picking pleasure.
Main Street
honey sticks
I never understood people’s love of honey sticks, but maybe I’ll try some next week.
One of my favorite parts of the market is the children’s pony ride! Makes me want to be a kid again. But I guess I cannot complain too much; I have a life size horse I can ride.
Converse Window

After breakfast I headed to the 3rd Street Promenade to get my shop on and see a movie with my mom. She showed up wearing a black striped fedora and braids- we were twins- NOT on purpose.  I happened to stop into Foreign Exchange to see if, by chance, they would have these cutout shoes I have been searching for. Not only did they have the two colors I wanted in my size, but the shoes were buy one get one free! My lucky day! , I am not opposed to owning the same style in multiple colors. Will post the shoes soon!
Laura Lily Elephant Necklace

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