Real Talk: Blogger Tips for Filing Taxes

Welcome to my second segment of Real Talk! I received a lot of great comments and questions after my first post last week on how I make money blogging.  One reader asked me to share how I file my taxes.  This is an excellent topic to discuss especially with taxes due in just two weeks! Many of you… Read More

When All Your Girlfriends Have Boyfriends

My last single girlfriend recently told me she now has a boyfriend. This makes me the lone single gal amongst my girlfriends. I’m not upset about it. Instead, I see it as a great opportunity to expand my social circle.  So I decided to write a post about what to do when all of your… Read More

7 Ways to Boost your Confidence

A friend of mine recently asked me how she could boost her confidence.  It got me thinking about all the things I do to increase my own. Let me preface this conversation by saying that I have not always been the most confidence person. Believe it or not,  I was shy and self-conscious like most teenagers…. Read More