7 Ways to Boost your Confidence

A friend of mine recently asked me how she could boost her confidence.  It got me thinking about all the things I do to increase my own. Let me preface this conversation by saying that I have not always been the most confidence person. Believe it or not,  I was shy and self-conscious like most teenagers…. Read More

2016 Highlights and Plans for 2017

Happy New Year everyone! There were so many amazing things that happened last year and so many more that I am looking forward to in 2017! Here are a few highlights from 2016: Laura Lily officially became an LLC last summer! It was such a proud and surreal moment to see my business package with… Read More

Lately on Instagram

There are some photos that I post on my Instagram and absolutely love, yet they never make it on to the blog. So I thought I’d share them here with all of you. We shot these photos during our trip to Palm Springs. Kier got me this super cool Fuji film camera for my birthday… Read More