Must-Do Spring Checklist

Spring is here! Which means it is time to take care of a few things on our must-do spring checklist!

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Blogiversary: 6 Years Ago Today….

6 years ago today I started on a journey not knowing where it would lead me. That journey was this blog. I cannot tell you how nervous I was to hit publish on my first blog post or to expose myself on the internet for whoever may have anything negative to say about my work. But…

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The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

In honor of motivation Monday, I wanted to share some of the best advice I’ve ever received.

I cannot imagine being a teenager today and growing up in the world of social media. As someone who uses social media as a source of income, I know first hand the pressures platforms like Instagram can have on our minds… and our souls. I’m not bashing social media platforms.  I think they are a wonderful source of creative inspiration and a place to share our creativity.  But I also had the privilege, yes I said privilege, of growing up in a world where my self-worth wasn’t dependent on the number of likes I got or the number of followers I had.  I know my life will continue if Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube were to disappear tomorrow.

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