Fall Home Decor

Fall is my favorite season. When I think of fall, two words come to mind: cozy and delicious. Cozy describes the warm sweaters and blankets I want to wrap myself in. Delicious describes all the good food I want to eat: pumpkin pie, apple cider and lots of soup. My goodness I am getting hungry… Read More

Summer Bar Cart

It has been a while since I’ve shown my bar cart on the blog. The last time was for this Holiday post in 2015! It’s summer now so the items on my bar cart have changed a bit including: candies, fresh fruit and more summer beverages! I always like to have it fully stocked so… Read More

Desk Makeover + Giveaway

Spring cleaning has got me re-doing all kinds of decor around the house. One particular spot that was in desperate need of a makeover was my desk. For months it was a dumping pile for mail, receipts, photos, etc. It was ugly to look at and scary to touch. Finally I decided, “Laura – you… Read More